Announcing the Winners of our Back To School Giveaway

Yay! It’s time to announce the winners! Our team is super happy that we will enable Speech Blubs access to so so many parents, therapists, experts, organizations and the kids they care for.

NOTE: We will contact each one of you guys individually and send you instructions on how to claim your award.

First: the iPad goes to:
@texaschildrens 🥰

The following 50 organizations and professionals get 10 lifetime subscriptions each:

@Autism Child First
@Behaviors A Go Go
@Early Steps
@Sunrise Therapy
@The Uncommon Thread
Toys Aucross America (@kulturecity)
@United Way

The following 100 get 5 lifetime subscriptions each:


And here are some of the best stories that simply need to be heard:

Paola @terapiadelenguajepl is a great speech therapist. She works with kids with language problems but has a passion for ASD kids. Her own brother was autism and when she was little she saw all the hard work that her mom endured to help her brother. Unfortunately, her mother died when her brother was still very young and she and her dad had to start all over and learn how to help her brother to succeed in life. She decided to study to be a speech therapist to study the way to give her brother a voice when he wasn’t able to show his own. Now she does this selflessly for all moms and especially for ASD moms, she shares free advice several times a day on her Instagram to give an opportunity in life to all those kids needing it and their families that don’t know where to start. 🙏 Thank you, Paola, for everything you do!! God bless you!! 😘🙏👏 Nominated by carjav777

We would love to nominate miss Camille at @babystepstherapy … she helped our Ruby so much in her earliest days of developing speech in the English language and was always so patient, kind & encouraging with her!! We love this app as an at home extension toward working on speech for both our girls and believe it can help other kiddos, too!! 😊 Nominated by @itsabellazoey

I nominate Toys Across America. I love an organization that celebrates children for just being themselves. Putting a smile on the face of Autism one toy at a time. 💙Nominated by Melinda Williams

@ctckidswathey deserve this because they have the absolute best staff and therapists that go above and beyond for their families. My daughter has been seeing a speech therapist and OT at this center for the past almost two years and the amount of love and dedication they have shown my daughter brings me to tears. They have absolutely treated my daughter as their own, and goes to all our evaluations and doctors appointments without hesitation to be there for anything I need even if it’s just for support through this difficult journey we’ve been facing with my daughter’s speech. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done. They are so deserving. Alysha L and Christina R from the Tacoma center are the absolute best therapists in the world! ❤️Nominated by heathermariemcneill

@gigisplayhousesacramento is opening in a few months and will serve the greater Sacramento area. We will be working closely with many speech therapists in the area to provide free speech therapy to the children and adults with Down syndrome. This would be an amazing donation to the center and ensure that we always have Speech Blubs for anyone who walks through the doors!! Gives me chills. Nominated by @thesanchezsix

I nominate @therapyconnectplus! They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients and really want us to get the most out of their clinic. They even introduced a new ABA summer camp program this year to help our kiddos socialize and interact with others on the spectrum. Lots of special people over at Connect Plus, with very big hearts and open arms. I don’t know what we would do without them (literally!) Nominated by lillegra

Middletown early learning center. We teach children ages 3-5 with different ranges of abilities. We work with children that have very little income so they don’t have many of the resources that could help them to become successful. In my own classroom, it would be a huge benefit to the children so that they are successful in all they do in my class. #iteachittybittymiddies Nominated by Monique Watkins

@kellypearce85 for her daughter Mila, who suffers from a genetic disorder which one characteristic affected is speech. This would help massively with sounds and development in her speech. @pwsauk Nominated by @kellypearce85

@foundationforpraderwilliuk need a tag too for helping find the right direction to go when needing support for a young child with needs specific to Prader Willi syndrome. ❤️ #praderwillisyndrome #speechblubs Nominated by @kellypearce85

Autism Child First in Northport, AL, is absolutely amazing and so deserving of this! The staff there is so caring and amazing and truly love the kids that go there. They have made a huge difference in my son’s development. I truly cannot say enough good things about them! Nominated by @a_sleevedandausome_mom

@transformationsrehabilitation is amazing. About a year ago I was finally able to get my son into speech therapy. He was already 3 and non-verbal. Diana and the team helped my son so much. Before we moved, he already started to try and communicate with us and even said different words. He absolutely loved it there. They are so amazing! And I’m forever grateful for them❤️ August misses the team! Nominated by _cryssi_g_

I would nominate for their work as a grant agency, helping bridge the gap where insurance fails our kiddo in making sure their needs are met! Their donations directly to families for therapy sessions, copays, and tools are irreplaceable. I know they’d give the subscriptions out to the most deserving of families who need a little extra help. Nominated by @eastonsjourney

“My two year old had it for less than a week and he’s already saying more”

Mariah C., Mom