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Best resources for speech therapy at home! We cover parenting tips & speech and language development to bring you all you need to know to keep your child thriving.

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How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

Many parents aren’t sure how to teach children the alphabet. When teaching the alphabet, it’s always good to start with “name letters.” This means if…

Games for Learning Colors - 5 Fun Kids Activities

Children learn best with help from their parents. The more time you spend teaching them, the more interested they will be in learning. If your…

Smart Screen Time for Super Speech Skills

After only a couple of unguided screen time interactions, they find themselves living in a digital fantasy, unable to make meaningful connections with other people, and…

Making Mistakes is a Parenting Strategy

This article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission. Tired of feeling like you have to be perfect all the time in front of your…

How to Teach Children about Diversity

As the title says, this blog is about teaching children about diversity and all of the issues involved. This is good reading for parents and…

Mom Guilt: Am I to Blame for My Child's Speech Delay?

The normal questions I get after parents hear their child has a speech delay are like, “what could I have done differently,” “am I to…

Benefits of Hugging for Kids & Parents’ Well-being

Hugging her and all my kids always gives me joy and a smile on my face. But the benefits of hugging your kids are so…

How Positive Parenting Affects Your Child

Before we dive into the research and benefits, it’s important to know what’s behind the concept of positive parenting. This parenting style believes all children…

How to Process Your Child's Diagnosis

Most of the time, I tell parents that not only is there a speech disorder, but there may also be other components prohibiting a child…

Please Don’t Judge Me or My Special Needs Child

Unfortunately, our world is filled with people who are not accepting, who judge, make comments and are just rude when they see a child behaving…


My son was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss in both ears last year, and after his surgery, Speech Blubs is the best app to get him on track with kids his age.

- By Nola and Kory

Two Kids - Can I Handle It?

I wanted to write this blog to let expectant moms or new moms know that you aren’t alone if you are feeling this way. To…

How to Teach Kids Self-Discipline: 4 Easy Ways

The term ‘self-discipline’ is also referred to as self-control.  A self-disciplined individual needs to control or ignore his or her own impulses to meet an…

Should I Bribe My Kids?: Rewarding Kids Explained

As someone who thinks about this a lot, parents – especially parents of younger kids with needs – often ask me, “should parents bribe their…

The ‘Conscious Parenting’ Style Explained

‘Conscious parenting’ is a relatively new parenting style created from a mix of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Founded by Shefali Tsabary, a clinical psychologist…

Creating Milestones for Kids: Turning Goals into Magic

The first steps toward achievement are the most difficult. Where to go, how to go, and when to go are just some of the questions…

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Mom Guilt — 12 Ways to Deal with It

Every mother (and father!) at some point has these second thoughts. Recently, Serena Williams missed out on her baby Olimpya’s first steps, which led to self-doubts and guilt…

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