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PODCAST REPORT: Holiday Workout with Aiden Ivy!

Jan 19, 2022 Are you freaking out about all of the Christmas cookies and pies that are showing up in your kitchens? Worried about what another mega-feast so soon after Thanksgiving will do to your waistline? Are you sick of having to make New Year’s resolutions to work out more that are impossible to keep?

Well, Speech Blubs is pleased to report to you about a special holiday podcast about working out with 41-year-old TikTok dad fitness sensation, Aiden Ivy that aired on Wednesday, December 16th at 9 am EST

Aiden and Blub Talks Host Jaka Z. how working out with kids, good nutrition, and an active approach result in healthy children and parents.

The host for the podcast on IG Live is our own Calisthenics Master Jaka Z., who interviewed, facilitated, and asked for advice in the context of fitness and how it relates to your health as a parent and your influence on your children’s well-being, too. 

The interview began with Aiden Ivy describing how he and his family have dealt with life during the pandemic. He said, “when the lockdown happened, we had just invested in a home gym, and me and my wife Daniela both work from home as health coaches (help people lose weight), so our business has actually gone up! We’re very grateful, and basically, his whole area is open.”

He also had general advice about people who are losing hope in these difficult times, “Life is like the changing seasons, hard times are like the seasons, they come and they go. And so good times like the seasons are coming, too (paraphrased).”

Jaka’s first question was, “Tell us about the importance of physical activity, and the impact on our lives, and our children.”

“Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% Fitness”

Aiden Ivy replied, “How much physical activity is enough? It’s really 80% nutrition 20% fitness . . . as far as activities, you have your bodies and you have gravity, and that’s all you need to get started. Your cell phones will help too. There are tons of apps that can help you. I highly recommend calisthenics and jumping jacks.”

He wants to be here as long as he can for his children, so he wants to take care of himself. “I need to be there for my kids, I need to play with them, be with them. If not for you, do it for your children,” said Aiden.

Jaka then mentioned that “you don’t need the equipment, the machines, etc. You can really work yourself if you have enough motivation.” 

Jaka’s next question was “What about mood? How does physical activity influence our mood?”

Aiden responded, “My kids are normal kids who annoy me and stress me out at times, and so when I go on runs, it’s like meditation. It clears my mind.” He goes on to say, “Moving benefits you by getting your blood flowing, getting the dopamine to your brain, which makes you happy. People who suffer from depression, usually aren’t moving that much.” 

Benefits of Active Children

Jaka then asked, “What are the benefits for children who are active?”

Aiden said, “The children who don’t go out and play, and don’t learn how strong they are, lead to having negative feelings about themselves. It builds their confidence, and they love to know that they’re strong. They love that.

I don’t want my kids to ever feel inadequate. Building their confidence and strength. To be in tune with their body. I don’t care if they have muscles or abs.”

Jaka added, “It boosts your immune system, too.”

Fitness is a good workout event for quality time, too (with and for your kids), and boosts their mental ability, and you can boost their speech too. While you’re exercising.” He also says that living a healthy life, “Comes from a place of love. We say to our kids that the reason we feed you healthy food is because we love you.” 

Jaka and Aiden both spoke a lot about nutrition, and eating healthy. “Programming” your kids to eat healthy food, by letting them see you eating healthy food.  This will all “set them up for the best life possible.”

Jaka then asked for some outgoing advice or a motto, and Aiden said, “Understand that you are in control, it’s in your hands, that your shape and condition is your responsibility, your fault. You should take responsibility, own up to it, . . . take responsibility, and you can change it, too.” 

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