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Speech Blubs, revolutionizing the way your child learns to speak.

One out of four children needs professional help learning to speak. That’s where we come in. Speech Blubs is a useful tool to help children speak better, sooner, by experts who know how to help.


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Is your child speaking well enough?

Get free personalized feedback

  • Get personalized status from a SLP-generated "quiz"
  • Get Tips & Tricks for your child's speech level
  • Find out how your child does in his/her age group
  • Available within the Speech Blubs app

How does our app work?



Your child watches peer models and is motivated to mimic them.


With fun face filters, you can become the word you are practicing and build your own photo book with fun photos.


Every word has a fun and educational video that can spark a conversation with your little one.

How will this help your child?

Your child will learn how:

  • to say mommy & daddy
  • to say their first words
  • to count from 1 to 20
  • to recognize different colors and shapes
  • to understand basic emotions, and
  • to put words together
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