How it works?

Children learn best when they get to imitate their peers instead of adults. With this in mind, we designed our app to be the next best thing to real-life interaction. We use the method of video-modelling, that is informed and aided by the solid science of “mirror neurons”.

Therapists usually use a mirror so children can observe themselves to see if they are doing an exercise correctly. Speech Blubs uses your device’s front-cam and takes it to the next level. With a bit of technology, your child becomes exactly what they’re practicing.

This tool and the assessment inside were prepared with the help of over 10 speech therapists from the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain and Canada.

Frequently asked questions

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Why do I need an app if I can talk to my child?

Nothing will ever substitute a loving, caring real face-to-face interaction. A child needs it, no doubt about that. Yet, our app is the next best thing to real-life interaction.

Use our app as you would children's books, to indulge in quality time together. It uses real kids videos who model sounds, words, sentences, and engage you and your child in repetition and communication. Parent's life can get hectic, and our app was built to serve as a daily reminder: "Hey, it's that time of the day. It's time to focus and target your child's speech development."

Isn't screen time bad for my child?

It can be. Too much screen time can be very bad for your child, yet:

"Screen time can have educational value for children starting at around 18 months of age. It is critically important that this be high-quality programming."

- American Academy of Pediatrics

In short:

  • Set reasonable time limits.
  • Choose high-quality content.
  • Enjoy screen time together with your child.
  • Make sure to transfer digital lessons to real-life.

And voila, you have just created positive screen time.

The main feature of our app is videos of real children, which makes our app very similar to face-to-face video-chatting. The AAP (The American Academy of Pediatrics) makes a relevant claim about on-screen FACE-TO-FACE interaction. According to their guidelines, face-to-face interaction is allowed with no time limits, no matter the child's age. New studies prove that the use of apps with real faces (FaceTime and Skype) with other people can benefit children's cognitive and speech development.

Is this app a substitution for speech therapy?

Nothing will ever replace an excellent therapist and a caring parent who works with a child day in and day out. Our app is just an excellent complementary tool. We have, however, observed many cases of children where nothing seems to work. They would not cooperate with a therapist or parent; however, they would positively react and play with the kids in our app. Many have said mamma for the first time due to using our app. And many have grown their vocabulary from just a handful to hundreds of words.

What language options does this app have?

Right now Speech Blubs is available in American English, British English and Spanish languages. Stay put, we’ll be developing new languages!

Why should I pay for an app like this?

There’s a team of 20 people behind this tool and developing and maintaining Speech Blubs comes with costs. This is where your money goes when you pay for subscription:

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