Why we do our research:

Speech Blubs is not just another game for kids; it’s a scientifically-supported toolkit to help children start speaking. From the day we started sketching out ideas on the back of napkins, we knew research would be integral to how we design and maintain the app, starting with thorough usage of the best the field has to offer and growing to produce our own scholarship.

Here, we wanted to show you precisely what makes us tick and what we do behind the scenes to ensure you get the best speech app possible.

Key Findings

4/5 on the MARS Scale

This puts us in the top tier of speech apps around the world!

94% of parents get a milestone assessment

Yes — the one therapists made and parents rave about!

100k+ Subscribers

Join our big happy family, and see what they’re up to!

Children exposed to up to 100 words/week

From new vocabulary to old favorites, Speech Blubs covers your exposure needs.

Research Papers

Speech Blubs By The Numbers

A comprehensive study of user experience in the Speech Blubs app.
If you are interested in this research paper, please contact us at hi@speechblubs.com

Speech Blubs: Proof of Concept

The proof of concept that shows you how we came up with every detail.

Quality Assessment: Mobile Application Rating Scale

22 therapists rated us with a WHO-affiliated digital health app evaluation.

Speech Blubs: Educational Games

Research paper with an overview of our games, the theoretical concepts behind them, and how children can benefit from them.

Clinical Trial

How much progress can a 2-year-old expect from recommended app usage. Research is in progress.

If you have any questions, projects you want to see us do, or research you’d like to do with us, shoot us an email at hi@blubblub.org

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