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Activate your child’s language with fun speech therapist-approved activities

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Who is Speech Blubs for?

It's perfect for ages 1 -8! For every parent who wants to boost their child’s speech!

How does it work?

Video modelling, face filters, speech recognition, stickers, and loads of FUN activities!

What is Speech Blubs?

A speech learning app that will help your kid speak better, sooner, and more confidently!

Observe. Role-play. SPEAK!

First, your child watches our kid “expert,” and imitates the sounds made by them. Then, practice, practice, practice, and watch your child say the target word!

Smart screen time exists!

Instead of passively watching cartoons, with Speech Blubs your kid will be engaged to BABBLE, TALK, LAUGH, SING, INTERACT, and LEARN! Even experts agree screen time can be beneficial for children. Read all about it.

Fun activities for all ages

TONS of sections that will take your little one on a journey toward milestones! Explore the world of NUMBERS, SONGS, ANIMALS, and much more; including a SENTENCE BUILDING section to connect all you have learned!

Science-driven approach

Speech Blubs was made with the help of our network of 1000+ speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who made sure the app is equipped with all of the necessary tools to improve your little one’s speech.

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A resource for parents

Parents! We are your one-stop website for everything speech related. Educate yourself with our amazing blogs, communicate with the speech therapists in our network, and much, much more!

Frequently asked questions

What is Speech Blubs?

Speech Blubs is a speech learning app that offers a variety of fun, engaging, and educational activities that will boost your child’s speech while providing great fun for the whole family.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, you can! Speech Blubs has a 7-day FREE trial, giving you the option to explore the activities and see for yourself if it is something that might benefit your child!

How much does it cost?

As mentioned, the first seven days are on us! After that, there is a small fee (a fraction of one speech therapy session). We have monthly, annual, and even a lifetime plan with prices starting as low as US$4.99/month.

What languages are supported?

Currently, we offer Speech Blubs in English and Spanish, French, and Portuguese! 

Can I use it on multiple devices?

Yes you can! Once you create a Speech Blubs account with a valid subscription, you can log in with the same account on any device!

Can I use it with more than one kid?

Of course you can! Speech Blubs has the option to create multiple profiles for each and every little superhero of yours!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling is easy! Depending on your device (iOS or Android), go to the respective app store, find your Speech Blubs subscription and cancel it. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us on hi@blubblub.org ANYTIME!

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