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I use Speech Blubs with my students with autism and apraxia students I’ve just started using it. But I see higher engagement in practicing speech sounds with my students with autism. Thank you for your work and making this app. It makes a huge difference.

Charis Eleftheriou

I am a Behavioural Interventionist for children with ASD. I work with children aged 2-5. Children enjoy it a lot! It’s great for engagement and following directions.

Crystal Lavis

I use speech Blubs with my students with autism and apraxia students I’ve just started using it. But I see higher engagement in practicing speech sounds with my students with autism. Thank you for your work and making this app. It makes a huge difference.

Karla Rosegill, SLP

I work in a self-contained classroom with students with autism and behaviors. Many of these kids are nonverbal or have minimal spontaneous language. So far I really love Speech Blubs & use it frequently with my kiddos. Thanks so much for creating this product!! I use it 3-4 times per week. :)

Catherine Noel, M.S., CCC-SLP

I am a caregiver for a 6 year old who has autism with developmental delay. My daughter is just learning to repeat gestures, sounds and facial expressions so when she sees the kids acting as animals she lights up. I’ve seen her grow in just the short time we’ve used the app. Thank you so much for such a great resource in helping children thrive!

Tabetha Garcia

I use your app with kids with autism. They have difficulty with imitation and speech sounds. The video modeling makes it motivating!!! Thanks!!!

Heather Magyar

I am an SLP who works with children aged 1-7 with Autism, Apraxia, and a range of speech-language disorders and delays. My kids love this app! It has helped with both oral motor imitation and speech sound imitation and production. It is very fun and engaging and keeps them motivated. Thanks for making this app for me! I use it almost daily!

Melanie Riedlinger

I use Speech Blubs mostly with children with Autism who are currently minimally or non-verbal (grades 1-4). They really enjoy the filter aspect, and they are learning that it takes effort to unlock those features. Their overall verbalization attempts have increased significantly!

Susan Sabia

I use the app with my kids that have been diagnosed with autism, they love that they can watch other kids and get fun filters. I’ve loved the app so far! I think it’s fantastic and I shared it with the company I work for. Thanks for creating something so awesome!!

Morgan Stone

I use the app with birth to 5 who have developmental delay and autism. I love it. It keeps their attention and they love the action and videos of real children. Thank you!

Melissa Warden, M.S. SLP-CCC

I use speech bulbs with students with autism. The kids love it, and my non verbal students are vocalizing to get the camera stickers. Great App!

Joncee McFarland

I use this app to elicit verbal imitation utterances. I use this app with students who have autism I get lots of smiles, intently interested stares and some (not all) verbal attemps.

Joan Hart
Email Icon from: Kelly Leonard

I found the app very engaging and interactive. Parents are letting their children use their phones at home and the children find it very motivating and see it as a fun game to use rather than flash cards from a teacher. Autistic children are much more interested in a screen than a person’s face and will spend longer on the activity.

Email Icon from: Nicole Yawn

I have preschool age students with Down syndrome related issues, and Autism I get a great response from a 4 year old with Autism, a 5 year old with articulation issues, and a 3 year old with Down syndrome. Another 4 year old with Autism likes to watch. I think it’s great!

Email Icon from: Ashley White

I use Speech Blubs with my articulation preschool students and students that I am trying to gain more oral motor movement control and awareness with. Usually my kids laugh and smile then attempt to repeat the sounds. Some of my more stubborn kids just watch and wait to see what filter happens. Thank you as we love this app at our center. It really has opened up my kiddos with Down syndrome.

Email Icon from: Lisa Neal

The kids enjoy using the app and they imitate sounds. I think it’s a nice break from me always being the model. My kids with ASD respond well to technology so they are curious and motivated to use the App.

Email Icon from: Jamie Portra

I use Speech Blubs with some of my minimally verbal students with ASD. I have only tried it with a couple students so far, but they are very engaged and seem to like it. One of them demonstrated increased verbalizing right away.

Email Icon from: Courtney Kelly

I use Speech Blubs with my students that have Down’s syndrome, some are on the autism spectrum. Right now I use it as a motivator for those students because they love to watch the videos of the kids. If they complete the tasks that we need for classes, they get a reward of using Speech Bulbs, which is great for me because we are still working, and it doesn’t require extra encouragement. We have had a lot of success with it, and hope to continue to use it in the classroom!

Email Icon from: Michelle Baum, Communicative Disorders Assistant

I use the app with students working on Articulation, and Oral Motor strength and acuity - both neuro/developmentally typical, as well as kids with Down Syndrome and Autism. The kids seem to really enjoy using it. The visual feedback is great, and the activities are fun. Thank you so much for the app!

Email Icon from: T. Berg

I’ve used it with a bilingual boy who is 3 and having trouble transitioning from mandarin to English (autism diagnosis as well, mild), the filter portion makes him happy. A 25 year old Down syndrome women who loves pictures and repetition. And a 4 year old whose Speech is completely unintelligible ( she has a aug com system) but tries to repeat.

Email Icon from: Boysmom

Awesome!!!! I have a 15 year old with Down syndrome and apraxia of speech. He thinks this is great fun and doesn't realize that he's working on speech!

Email Icon from: Ytaries

We have recently purchased this app and it is definitely helping my child with Down Syndrome.

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