Liz Talton

Dallas, Texas

SAHM Blogger, Masters in Psychology

Liz Talton is the author and creator of Pitter Patter of Baby Feet, a website dedicated to trying to conceive; fertility; pregnancy; mental health and anything related to motherhood. Before starting a family, she received a master’s degree in forensic psychology and mental health. She is now a full-time blogger, wife and mother to two boys ages three and 6 months.

Liz Talton's Articles
The ‘Conscious Parenting’ Style Explained

‘Conscious parenting’ is a relatively new parenting style created from a mix of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Founded by Shefali Tsabary, a clinical psychologist…

Why is Physical Activity Important for Child Development?

Amazingly, physical development benefits not only their body but brain development as well! Sadly, research is finding the importance of physical activity in children’s lives…

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Screen Time for Kids: Stop the Guilt!

Parents who allow more than the recommended screen time for kids are often judged harshly by others. As parents, it’s tough to balance children’s online…

FAQs about Online Speech Therapy for Kids

This article looks at the reasons for online speech therapy, its benefits, and the cost by answering online speech therapy’s frequently asked questions. The article’s…

What is Independent Play for Kids?

What is Independent Play? Independent play or solitary play is a developmental stage where a child can play by themselves. While each child will develop…

How to Teach Music for Babies

While most children won’t grow up to become the next great composer, baby music class has plenty of benefits for your baby’s development. When to…

Top 7 Easy Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Every parent wants to provide their child with a proper education. Still, we should keep in mind that high-quality education doesn’t start at school but…

Why Toys are Important for Child Development

Sometimes they are bright, loud, and even annoying, but children love playing with toys! But the question is: Are toys beneficial to a child’s development?…

The Complete Guide to Language Learning at Home

Language is a communication skill that develops naturally over time. But that doesn’t mean your child couldn’t use some extra help to begin saying their…

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How to Do Speech Therapy at Home

Whether your child is waiting to get services or attending regular speech therapy appointments, speech therapy at home is an essential part of a child’s…

What are Common 2-Year-Old Milestones?

Wondering what’s in store for your child’s development at the age of two? To help keep track of how well your child is developing, make…

Activities To Increase Brain Power In Children Under 6

Looking to boost your baby’s brainpower? While child brain development progresses naturally as your child ages, there are brain development activities to help the brain…

Child Brain Development: Early Childhood

The human brain is responsible for thought processes, emotions, and body movements. A child’s brain reaches almost full development by the time they enter kindergarten….

8 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Young Children

Fine motor skills begin to develop as early as three-months-of-age. The first tangible sign is when your baby can close and open his or her…

Fine Motor Development in Toddlers

Amazingly, kids begin to develop fine motor movements as young as three-months-old! From three months until your child is a toddler, fine motor skills development…

Speech Blubs Review: “Engaging & Effective Practice”

“How does this app even work? Is it good for my child?” We say yes! Don’t take our word for it, listen to happy mom…