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Top 7 Easy Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Feb 12, 2022 Every parent wants to provide their child with a proper education. Still, we should keep in mind that high-quality education doesn’t start at school but at home.


Home is where parents spend a lot of time devoted to their preschoolers doing things like writing activities for children to help them learn the structure and shape of the letters. But these kinds of activities also have other benefits, such as coordination and good muscle development.

Children learn and discover the world around them through games, so most activities that you do with your child should be through a game if you want to have good results. By that, here are seven fun ideas of writing activities that will help you teach your preschooler in an enjoyable and simple way.

Letter Tray 

The letter tray is a classic activity for preschoolers. All you need is a tray and some products that kids can use like sand, shaving cream, salt, flour, cornmeal, or rice. Your kids will need to use their fingers to practice writing letters and words. However, keep in mind that their writing won’t be so good because they will need to use their fingers and not a pencil. So make sure that you encourage them. 

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Pre-writing Lines 

Pre-writing lines are a very important thing for children to master before the process of learning the formation of letters. It builds the child’s motor skills that they need to be able to start writing. For this activity, you can use glitter glue or pony beads. Or you can use some inexpensive DIY version made at home just by filling a plastic squeeze bottle with sugar or salt and let your kid trace the lines with it. 


Kids just can’t resist playing with a Play-Doh. For this activity, your children can roll balls of Play-doh into long snakes and create letters by joining the snakes together. Or you can flatten the doh on a flat surface, write a big letter on it with a sharp object, and let your child fill the letter with something interesting like paint. But if you want the play-doh to be reusable, use plastic straws cut into one-inch segments, and let your kid trace the letter with the straws pieces.

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Letters and Cards 

This method is fun and very useful, but at the same time, it teaches your kids about love and respect. Writing letters or cards has a real-life purpose for kids. If you ask your kid to write a literature review for me, they may not understand, but when you make a game out of DIY fun cards, they will enjoy the process for sure. You can use this method for Holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other holiday. You can also use it for birthdays.

Chalkboard Writing

For this activity, you will need chalkboard paint, tape, a paintbrush, chalks, and clipboards. 

Tape the clipboards on four sides, making a nice frame for the board, then use the chalkboard paint to paint the middle with it. After the first coat dries, add a second coat. When the second coat is dry, you can remove the tape, and your chalkboard will be ready to use. This will definitely be your kid’s favorite fun writing activity.     

Box it Up 

This activity requires some of the worksheets that have the “box it up” in them. The kids need to write the letters in the box without going outside the line with the pencil. You can even make a fun handwriting activity out of it with dice and some colored pencils. You can tell your kids to choose a color and then roll the dice. Depending on the color that they choose, they will need to use that colored pencil to trace the letter as many times as it is shown on the dice. 

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Fill in the Story 

Your kids will surprise you when you see how creative they can get, with just a few simple sentences. There are many blank stories that you can find, or you can create one by yourself, such as the following one: 

“It was the first day of spring. A little dog woke up and saw the ______, and the dog said _______. Together, they _______________, and after that they ___________. They both had a lot of fun. So, they decided_________.”

You can do this activity on a dry erase board and write the blank story on it so your child can fill in the spaces with some dry erase markers. Or you can do it on a piece of paper. Whichever way you choose. Your child will love it!

Make it Fun!

Kids learn the best through fun activities, so with a bit of effort and creativity, you can make even the hardest thing seem easy to them through a game. Teaching your kids how to write can be done in other ways too. Your kids may not be a fan of writing. In that case, let your kids draw, encourage them, and provide them the tools for drawing as much as you can. Drawing is the door to growing their love of writing, too. However, writing is not the same as good handwriting. 

And the key to good handwriting is the continual practice of motor skills. By doing these kinds of writing activities for kids for a couple of weeks, you will notice an improvement in their hand strength, and they will have better handwriting for sure.

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