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Crafts for Toddlers

Arts and crafts for kids create opportunities for cognitive development and bonding time with parents. So grab your glue and crayons, and let's get crafty!

8 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Young Children

Fine motor skills begin to develop as early as three-months-of-age. The first tangible sign is when your baby can close and open his or her…

Creative Activities for Kids to Do at Home during COVID-19 Quarantine

During this COVID-19 pandemic, people have been limited to their homes, and the level of frustration and anxiety has risen in children and adults alike….

Making Dream Boards - A Chance to Build Language and Self-Expression

As a speech-pathologist for teenagers, I am constantly trying to find ways to keep them engaged in their learning. Oftentimes, when we meet our students…

Sensory Play Activities for Babies 0-18 Months

Sensory play for babies and toddlers is an important part of the interactions parents bring to their children. Engaging their senses is the beginning of…

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No-Sew Kids Face Mask Ideas Made from Household Items

In deciding what your next DIY projects will be, considering making your own protective face masks like the medical masks doctors wear. With the widespread…

Hospitals and Stores are Sold Out of Masks: Speech Blubs Wants to Help!

During this pandemic, Speech Blubs wants to do all we can to help spread the word about helping first responders and responsible citizens to get…

11 Indoor Activities for Toddlers and Children

Right now the world is facing a pandemic that is forcing us to stay at home. And while we all love spending the extra time…

The Importance of Drawing in Your Child's Development

Many parents ask us about the development of drawing skills. When to start teaching drawing? What are the stages of drawing development? Can drawing be…

Games for Learning Colors - 5 Fun Kids Activities

Children learn best with help from their parents. The more time you spend teaching them, the more interested they will be in learning. If your…