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Homeschooling Preschool

Distance learning can be stressful, so here you'll find advice from homeschooling parents about tackling remote work and virtual education challenges.

Blub Talks: How to Foster Independent Play in Toddlers

Our host and teaching sensei Robert M. led our guest through topics relating to independent play, why it’s an important and far-reaching developmental activity for…

Blub Talks with Agile Parenting Coach Susannah Chambers, ICP ACC

In this Blub Talks, we present a spirited discussion with Susannah Chambers, certified Agile coach, family coach, and HarvardX-certified coach in Family Engagement in Education….

How the COVID pandemic is Impacting Homeschooling

Parent-led home-based learning has been practiced in the United States and across the globe for many years. Parents have the right to choose if their…

Great Ways to Break the Cycle of Homeschool Boredom

Field Trips A great way to shake up the day of homeschooled children is to take regular field trips. These should be planned, given a…

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A Guide to Developing Effective Study Habits

As a parent, it’s your job to help your child develop good habits from the earliest age. You need to teach them how to behave,…

Homeschooling: An All-in-One Guide

Are you considering homeschooling your child this school year? There are many benefits this approach has that are not found in a traditional classroom setting.  Homeschooling…

5 Painless Ways to Teach Vocabulary in Your Homeschool

Teaching vocabulary as part of your homeschool curriculum can be a little tricky, but there are always ways to make it as fun and painless…

5 Most Common Difficulties in Distance Learning for K-6 Grade Kids

Distance learning brings a new set of challenges for K-6 grade educators and students during this coronavirus time. Sure, high school and college students are…

Homeschooling Schedule - Tips and Tricks for Parents

Homeschooling also makes it fairly easy to schedule in necessities like running errands, appointments, and house maintenance. While mimicking regular school schedules might work well…

The Money Side of Homeschool vs. Traditional School

The rewards of homeschooling have been more than I could have ever anticipated. The great thing about homeschool is, unlike traditional one size fits all…


My son was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss in both ears last year, and after his surgery, Speech Blubs is the best app to get him on track with kids his age.

- By Nola and Kory

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Preschooler

Homeschooling preschool kids is not easy. Play is their language, and using fun activities is the best way for them to learn.  With some basic…

Educational Activities for Kids at Home

Learning at home has become even more important now that kids are forced into remote learning. Feeding the minds of curious kids promises to be…

Back to School Learning Tips at Home

Deciding to go back to school in the middle of a pandemic is a difficult decision for everybody. Parents aren’t the only people stressing out….

Unschooling - The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Changing times and growing needs means new concepts. Unschooling is a concept that is fast replacing the conventional, time-honored school system that’s prevalent in our…

Homeschooling Your Preschooler: A Curriculum Walkthrough

Even more, how do you teach these things to a child? And what other activities for preschoolers should you include? The good news is that…

Tips to Know before You Start Homeschooling

We are accidental homeschoolers.  My husband was a public school teacher, so we bought our home in his district so he and our future children…