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How Cathy White Utilizes Speech Blubs Pro in Her Speech Therapy Practice

In the ever-evolving field of speech therapy, incorporating technology can significantly enhance the learning experience for children with speech and language challenges. A dedicated speech therapist, Cathy White has found a valuable ally in Speech Blubs Pro, an innovative speech therapy app. Here’s how Cathy utilizes this app to make a difference in her practice.

Speech Blubs Pro speech therapy app

Speech Blubs Pro is designed to enhance speech therapy sessions through a comprehensive suite of features. It offers speech recognition for assessing word pronunciation, creating tailored sessions for each student, and instant homework assignments. It’s a powerful, all-in-one app aimed at improving the effectiveness of speech therapy​. It is completely free for clinicians.

Discovering Speech Blubs Pro

Cathy first encountered Speech Blubs (the parent version) in 2017 while working with a non-verbal junior high student. The app’s engaging interface and interactive features quickly captured the student’s attention, leading to remarkable progress in his communication skills. After Speech Blubs Pro was released, she gave it a try. This positive experience encouraged Cathy to integrate the app into her therapy sessions at a primary and elementary school, where she currently works with children from kindergarten to fourth grade.

Integrating the App into Therapy Sessions

Cathy’s caseload primarily consists of children with severe language needs and autism. She uses Speech Blubs Pro as both a warm-up tool and a reward system. By starting sessions with the app, she captures her students’ interest and prepares them for more focused activities. As a reward, the app provides a fun, interactive break that still contributes to their learning goals.

She appreciates the app’s engagement features, like the Snapchat-style filters, which excite both students and adults. One of Cathy’s favorite features is the app’s ability to save pictures from sessions. She uses these images to create stories or sentences in subsequent sessions, reinforcing learning and promoting recall. This method helps her students practice prepositions and other language concepts in a fun and memorable way.

Targeting Specific Language Goals

Speech Blubs Pro allows Cathy to customize sessions to target specific language goals. For example, she often works on bilabial sounds and final consonant deletion with her early language users. By selecting relevant exercises and tracking progress through individual student profiles, she can tailor her approach to meet each child’s unique needs.

While Cathy appreciates the benefits of technology, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between tech and non-tech activities. She integrates Speech Blubs Pro as one part of her therapy toolkit, ensuring that her sessions remain varied and engaging. This approach helps manage the students’ screen time and keeps them motivated.

Exploring the Homework Feature

Cathy sees great potential in it. The ability to assign digital homework that mirrors in-session activities could reinforce learning at home. Cathy plans to explore this feature in the upcoming school year, particularly with families who are eager to support their child’s communication development.

Cathy White’s use of Speech Blubs Pro demonstrates the app’s versatility and effectiveness in a speech therapy setting. By integrating this innovative tool into her sessions, she enhances her students’ learning experience, making speech therapy both fun and productive. As she continues to explore new features and provide valuable feedback, Cathy helps shape the future of speech therapy technology, benefiting therapists and students alike.

Incorporate Speech Blubs Pro into your therapies today!

We invite other speech-language pathologists to explore the app and see the difference it can make in their practice. Whether you’re working with non-verbal students, children with severe language needs, or those on the autism spectrum, Speech Blubs Pro offers customizable sessions, engaging activities, and valuable progress-tracking features that can enhance your therapy sessions. Join Cathy and many other SLPs who are transforming their approach to speech therapy with this innovative tool.

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