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Lego Learning Activities for Your Toddler

Feb 8, 2022 Legos are quite entertaining and they sure keep your little ones occupied, regardless of their sizes, shapes, or forms.

In addition to bringing a world of endless fun, they can also help your child improve their developmental skills (fine motor skills, language, etc.). This blog presents just some of the different Lego learning activities you can do at home to build your toddler’s language skills.

Make Letters and Numbers Using Legos  

Whether you choose to create different numbers or vowels out of Legos, doing such a learning activity will not only help them learn their letters, but it is also a great opportunity to work on their language skills and speech.

As you make these letters together, motivate them to repeat the letters and numbers they are working on. Also, encourage them to repeat or find words with those specific letters. (“C is for cat . . . Can you say cat?”). 

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After you practice colors in the app, try to identify them in your Lego set to use words in a real-life context.

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Build Different Objects that Target Specific Speech Sounds 

If your toddler is having trouble with a particular sound, making different objects out of Legos can be a creative way to work on those specific sounds. For instance, if they have difficulty with /p/, help them build different airplanes or police cars. Not only will they have fun, but they will also get to work on those target sounds.

As you build different objects together, get them to talk about the colors and shapes they are using to make their object. And don’t forget to praise their effort, even if they don’t fully say the word, but make an attempt. (Doing so will boost their confidence and encourage them to talk more).    

Contrast and Compare 

Who has the tallest tower?

Building towers with your toddlers can be a great bonding activity. Also, it can be a good way to teach them new concepts. For example, make different trains or towers for your toddlers to explore.

As they play with them, ask questions about what’s the same and what’s different between the objects. (“Which tower is the tallest? Can you point towards the big train?”) Doing so will not only allow them to get to know new concepts but will also help build their overall vocabulary.

Match Lego pieces based on specific colors.

There are many ways you can teach your kids about colors, and using Legos is just one of them. A simple but fun way is to learn about colors while matching and assembling Lego pieces.

As you place these building blocks in front of your child, help them to assemble pieces that are the same color. (Ex: “Find all the blue pieces . . . Now make a small tower using only the blue pieces.”).

Which Lego Set Should I Buy?

Overwhelmed by the variety and types of Legos to get your toddler, here are a few recommendations that will help you get started with Lego learning activities:

Incorporating Lego learning activities into your daily routine is just one way to get your toddler talking. There are numerous preschool learning activities online that use everyday stuff that you have at home. You can also check our blog page for ideas.

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