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Living a Student Mom's Life: How to Stay Happy (and Sane)

Living a Student Mom's Life: How to Stay Happy (and Sane)

Sure, motherhood is tough. No number of books, magazines, and support groups can prepare you for that to the fullest. And if you decided to stay in college as a young mom, you are probably one of the bravest people alive. 

Not everyone signs up for such a journey. But if you’re firm on staying in school, do read our eight tips on staying happy and sane as a college mom.

A Schedule

You are probably going to be busy 24/7. With the baby and all the college deadlines, you might barely have time to look up ‘write my essay on EssayPro’ online assistance. One sure way to get out of this is to create a schedule. 

Plan every day in as much detail as possible. Include everything in that schedule: from doing your homework to cleaning the house and feeding the baby.

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Writing down all your daily tasks can be beneficial not only for your productivity but also for your memory. The more chores you’ll have written down, the less likely you will be to forget them. Not only because writing anything down engrains it to our memory but also because you’ll have a list to refer to.

From now on, you can’t be lazy. You simply cannot afford it. You have to stick to the schedule and if it says ‘study’ then you go and do that. Otherwise, you might not have the time to study for a whole week.

Remember to include socialization into that schedule of yours. You can invite people over or call them along when you need to run some errands in the city. 

Combining people with otherwise boring tasks can be a great idea for a young mom. This way, you’ll stay on top of the news and gossip and you’ll share a human’s company!

Be the Example

Teach your kids about the importance of education. Especially for women. Tell them that being able to access quality education is a privilege and we should use it if we have an opportunity. Tell them that you like what you do and encourage them to do something they like during the time you need to study. 

If it’s possible, you can engage them in your education process. If you have some video-lectures to watch, there’s nothing wrong with having your kids nearby unless the videos are disturbing. 

If you have school-aged kids, you can even study in the same room with them. They will see how focused you are and might want to do the same. You are their biggest motivator and the main example, after all.

Get a Separate Study Space

Trying to study at home might lead you to distract or procrastinate. Even if you’ve never been to your school’s library, it might be the perfect time to check it out. 

Working From Home With Children

Your kids will distract you unless you study when everyone’s asleep. But even then, you might feel the urge to clean, sleep or do everything but study. 

Going to a library or even a cafe will help you change the scenery and focus better. Reserve a place in a library and do a few hours of intense studying once a week. Getting out of the house is important for a new mom and studying can be a good reason to do that.

Talk to the Professors

It can be good to explain the situation to your professors. Some might be willing to cut you some slack or allow some privileges. But do not expect anything from that conversation. 

All professors are different and while one can help you, the other one might leave you feeling terrible about your life choices. Don’t let them affect you and walk about your day like normal. Nothing has changed, right?

Forget About A’s

There’s no real need to get straight A’s. If you used to be able to do that was only because your undivided attention was focused on your college or university. Now, you have other priorities so why not set the bar a little lower for yourself? 

Your aim is to pass, not to be a wonder woman. The latter might lead to burnout, problems with self-esteem, and even depression. Don’t let mental health issues get to you.


Don’t forget that you’re not a machine. You can take a bath sometimes and have a relaxing night. Do the things you enjoy – eat some chocolate or whatever. Take the time alone to reflect on your wellbeing. Are you dealing with everything okay? If not, you might want to include a therapist into that busy schedule.

Mom play with kids

If you’re dealing with the mom’s life perfectly well, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a day off sometime. Leave the kids with your partner or a babysitter and go out! 

Plan ahead with your friends, make sure everybody’s available for a girls’ night out. Go out to a pub or to dance like the old times! Just make sure you don’t carry that mom-bag with you. A clutch is better.

Accept Support

Rely on your partner, parents, or a babysitter to take some load off your shoulders from time to time. Studying and being a mom doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. If people don’t offer their support, there’s nothing wrong with asking. 

Share your struggles with your partner, have an open conversation, and make sure they understand just how much you’re dealing with. If you’re at work the whole day, they might simply be unaware.

The Bottom Line: Treat Yourself

Last but not least, it’s important that you acknowledge your success. Celebrate small victories, whether it be passing a test or getting your kid to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

Being a mom is nothing like the movies and you should reward yourself for even being an okay mom. You don’t have to be perfect to be your best self.

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