Teaching Child a Foreign Language – the Advantages of Bilingual Brain
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Teaching Child a Foreign Language – the Advantages of Bilingual Brain

The brain of your child produces thousands of neural connections each minute. The amazing period of brain development in children allows them to acquire an immense amount of information and thus enables easy and efficient learning and skill development. 

Educationalists and neuroscientists agree that a child’s brain is quite remarkable from zero to five. What is presented to a child, and what knowledge they will acquire during this time, it’s critical to their overall capacity for learning as it is for the brain and personal development. Basically, there is a time frame during childhood that allows the parents to interfere and shape the way the child’s brain will mature. This is an amazing opportunity for the parents to make the most of their brain’s potential and support the child in learning and acquiring as much knowledge and skills as possible. 

To start life as a bilingual is an advantage that will unroll with the years to come.

Knowing this, today’s parents decide to present a child with one of the two stated to be the most beneficial skills a child can acquire at this point; playing an instrument or learning a foreign language. And while playing an instrument requires a talent, language learning is something that comes naturally to all people. Although there are huge benefits of being fluent in a second language, the process of acquiring this knowledge at a young age affects brain development in the most amazing ways. 

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Challenging your kid’s brain to amazing development certainly is possible. With all the resources available today, even a monolingual parent can raise a bilingual child. As some scientists state, the more complicated the language, the better. The commonly proposed German language can be efficiently acquired with one-on-one online tutoring at Live Lingua where a parent can find proper learning support. Moreover, if the child is old enough to learn by itself it will benefit from custom-tailored learning and have excellent results. 

Bilingual Kids Learning Online

How Does Language Learning Affect the Brain Development

The human languages entail a lot of elements that make the comprehensible functioning. To master a certain language one should learn and remember the words, acquire the sound system, and pronunciation in order to communicate. Additionally, one should learn to write, grasp the rules of the grammar, and finally put all the pieces together in comprehension and expression. To achieve this, the brain needs to form a lot of connections that communicate efficiently between all the different brain parts, thus contributing to the development of gray and white matter. The ultimate result is, in simple words, “building of the brain” which brings many amazing benefits for the child’s capability to learn and abilities to perform.  

The Advantages of the Bilingual Brain

The way language learning affects the brain is similar to how physical exercise affects the muscles of the body. This “building of the brain” happens every time the child uses the language to communicate or write, but most efficiently when it seamlessly shifts between two or more languages.

Some children are raised bilingual, meaning they more or less have two mother tongues. Growing up in an international family, both parents communicate with the child using a different language. In such cases, the acquisition of the two languages comes naturally without the child putting too much effort into the learning process. On the other hand, some children grow up as monolinguals but start learning a second language at a very young age. Thanks to their great brain capacity they become fluent in the second language very fast. In both cases, early childhood bilingualism is related to many great advantages.

Enhanced Cognitive Abilities

The building of the white and gray brain matter increases significantly when learning and speaking more than one language. These results in enhanced brain performance in regards to cognitive skills and abilities. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that bilinguals perform better than their monolingual peers and mostly because bilinguals have:

  • Excellent memory
  • Ability to learn fast
  • A great multitasking ability
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Creative approaches

Great Self Esteem

All of the mentioned above make a child very confident from a young age. A student that can learn fast and easily due to the great ability to grasp and remember information will develop great self-esteem. Developing a good self-esteem at a young age predetermines the development of the adult persona and contributes to developing bold character. 

Excellent Social Skills

Speaking two languages at a young age is associated with a global mindset. It is known that a bilingual child understands that the world is a diverse place. Therefore, they accept the differences and are curious to meet people. Language = communication, which is the precursor that makes for their super social skills and ability to make friends. Due to this fact, bilingual children are most likely to be friendly and accepted and less likely to be bullied or become bullies in the school environment. 

Foreign Language Learning for Kids

From a Bilingual Child to a Well-rounded Adult

To start life as a bilingual is an advantage that will unroll with the years to come. Primarily it is a base that will allow the individual to easily grasp more foreign languages. Accordingly, this contributes to forming a global mindset, thus expanding their social, cultural and geographical horizons. At last, language knowledge promises a path to becoming a successful individual that will contribute to a functional and better society.  

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