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Invitation: ‘Toddler Talk’ Class with a Speech Therapist

Jan 24, 2022 Speech Blubs 2 is excited to bring you a ‘Toddler Talk’ class for free! Join Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist Tori Hirsch in this speech development class to learn strategies for boosting your toddler’s speech development!

Discover how to use and integrate the highly-rated Speech Blubs learning app in your speech practice! Toddler Talk is prepared in collaboration with Mommy Mingle.

The course will introduce you to language development and the communication milestones you should know. Learn strategies to improve speech and language skills through play and everyday routines!

When? Saturday, March 13th, 1 PM EST

Where? Virtual class over Zoom, space is limited!

What will you learn?

  • Speech and language development overview for kids 2–4-years-old
  • How to spot red flags
  • How to create language-rich routines at home
  • Best practices recommended by speech therapists
  • How Speech Blubs can help your child thrive

Reserve Your Spot Now

Scroll down and click ‘Register now’ to get your ticket for this free class. If you experience any issues, visit the Mommy Mingle website and apply there.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! This class has reached 100 participants! Yay! If you still want to join, send an email to to be added to a waitlist and get notified if a space opens up. 

Meet the Expert: Tori Hirsch, Speech Therapist

Tori Hirsch SLP - Toddler Talk Class Speech and Language Development
Tori Hirsch, SLP

Tori is a licensed New York City-based speech and language pathologist (speech therapist). The combination of Tori’s own experiences receiving speech services as a child and her passion for working with kids is her driving force in the field.

Tori’s received her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She received her master’s degree from Touro College.

As well, Tori is a certified member of ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and holds a New York State TSSLD license (Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities).

In addition, Tori specializes in providing play-based therapy to children aged birth to 3-years-old through both structured and unstructured activities to encourage growth in expressive and receptive language skills. Even more, Tori presently works full-time at P.S. 199, a public elementary school providing a broad range of intervention services to Pre-K–5th-grade students. After work hours, you can find Tori at the track, on the tennis courts, or shopping around NYC.

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Comments (2)
    • Babbling is typically done as a precursor to formulating words. However, at two years of age, children are typically putting together short phrases, such as “all done” and “more please.” Their vocabulary should be around 5-20 words at 18 months and by 2, some children hit around 50 words, although 25-50 is more common. If your son is not saying any words at this age, I would recommend seeking out an evaluation but a speech-language pathologist to see if there is a delay present.

      Stacie Bennett, M.S. CCC-SLP

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