Robert McKenzie

New York, New York

MA, Fifth grade teacher

Robert’s long, circuitous path to Blub Blubs, Inc. began in New York City, where as a fifth-grade teacher in Hell’s Kitchen he met his much smarter, more attractive wife-to-be. Having both finished master’s degrees from Columbia University, they moved to Europe for adventure and romance. Robert also built a communications business based on writing and teaching before taking a four-year hiatus to join a Beatles tribute band to tour the world as “John.” The birth of his second child required a re-examining of his priorities and eventually led him to be the “Senior” (and only) Copywriter and one of the creative mischief-makers for Speech Blubs. As the company’s “old goat” Robert got to be involved in the making of an app that teaches kids to read and gets to tease his younger colleagues mercilessly. A very happy time, indeed.

Robert McKenzie's Articles
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