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5 Creative Writing Games & Exercises For Children

Are you a parent or a teacher with kids under your care? Have you been struggling to help these children improve their writing skills while having fun simultaneously? If so, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you aren’t alone. There are thousands of parents desperately in need of activities that can make learning fun for their children.

Unlike college students who can easily have their writing tasks handled by any essay writing service, these younglings depend on you to put them through. Similarly, you can rely on us to show you how, and that’s precisely why we wrote this article. We know you’ve squeezed out a few minutes of free time that you have away from those demanding bundles of joy for this, so let’s get right to it.

Kids Have the Most Vivid Imagination

There’s nothing as active as a child’s imagination. How many times has your child asked you a random question and left you thinking to yourself, “How on earth did they come up with that?” Probably a lot of times.

While most parents can relate to the wonder that is the mind of their child(ren), not many have noticed the learning opportunities that come with it. The following writing games for kids feed off their curiosity and imaginations to help them express themselves better through writing.

Fill In The Blank Spaces

For this game, all you need are sheets of paper with parts of a story written down. There will be blank spaces intentionally created between aspects of the story for the kids to fill in. Create a simple story and have the children fill in the blanks to complete the story however they deem fit.

Kids Learn with Imitation

This game and other story games for kids are useful in building your kids’ writing skills. They are a writer’s equivalent of pushing their child on a bicycle for a distance and then letting go of them. It gives them control over the narrative. Playing this game also helps them build confidence in their writing skills – which is the exercise’s goal.

Popcorn Writing

Another storytelling-related way to make writing fun for children is by having the entire class contribute to writing one story. Here, you only need to nudge them by writing the first few sentences in the story. Pass the paper to a child and let them continue the story from where you stopped.

After they’ve written a couple of sentences, they should pass the sheet to the next kid in a predetermined order, and so forth. Do this until the last child has written their part. You can then conclude the story or have the last child finish the tale. Afterward, read the story back to the class in an excited tone of voice. This game will teach the children to collaborate while making them more interested in writing.


If you’re looking for an effective way to get your children writing, try journaling. Journaling is an activity that can improve your child’s writing prowess while serving as a haven for their thoughts. In fact, it is one activity that they can continue to engage in even as adults. Once your child can hold a pencil right-side-up, you should consider handing them a journal.

How to teach kids to write

You may not know it, but your kids often think a lot more than they say. Depending on how old your child is, they may have various reasons for bottling some thoughts. With a journal, they can express themselves, unburden and often unravel curiosities all on their own.

Journaling does more than improve your child’s writing skills. It has many health benefits. Best of all, it helps your child keep in touch with their emotions and can significantly improve their mood.

Screen Time Learning

Are you homeschooling your children? Are they out of school because of the lockdown? If either of these situations is the case, you may find it hard to separate your children from your tv, computer, or internet-enabled tablets.

Now, there are two ways to go about this: you can try to limit their screen time, or you can let them watch tv – but with a catch. The catch is that they have to write a couple of sentences to summarize or explain the programs/ movies they watched at the end of the day. You can also encourage them to use speech-learning apps to help them complete the task. This way, they can associate writing and learning with doing what they love to do.

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Scrapbook Captioning

Many preschool kids love to play with pictures and colors. It is no secret that using a scrapbook is a common way to engage them in learning. However, scrapbooks don’t do much to improve their writing skills – or do they?

Yes, scrapbooks are heavily visual-based. However, with a little tweak to the regular scrapbooking exercise, it can also become an excellent option to teach your kids to write. All you need to do is to add funny, relatable photos to your children’s scrapbook with space for them to write captions for the pictures.

Helping Your Kids Learn to Love Writing is Achievable

For teachers, getting the kids under their care to learn to write can be tasking. Creative writing for kindergarteners is already challenging enough; helping them to love writing shouldn’t be.

With several children to teach at once, holding their attention can seem like a significant victory – and that’s because it is! However, we as parents and teachers can achieve more. Playing the games provided in this article will make it easier to teach our kids to love writing.

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