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My Favorite Easter Activities for Children

Feb 9, 2022 Easter is only a few days away and, with the quarantine dampening social gatherings, I know I was looking for activities to do with my two kids (3 and 10 months).

I found most of my ideas by Googling “Easter Activities for Children,” but some of these activities I did with my parents and wanted to continue the tradition with my kids! We love Easter games!

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Toilet Paper Bunnies

You can either use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls; whatever you have three of! You want to form two of the rolls in the shape of ears (see picture) and keep one round so that it can be the rabbit’s face! For the background, you can use regular or construction paper. They also have canvas’ on amazon in a variety of sizes if you plan on mounting it or displaying it every Easter. 

Simply staple or glue the paper rolls together so that they won’t come apart. Dip into whichever color paint that you want and dot all over the paper/canvas. 

While completing the activity, make sure you are targeting vocabulary skills! Talk about Easter, the bunny, colors you are using and use directional words like, “up” and “down.” 

Bunny Handprint Easter Crafts 

For this craft, I recommend getting a canvas because there is a lot of paint involved. When we do these activities, we save them and display them every year. It’s a nice way to remember how small the kids were and for them to look at it and compare/contrast size! 

You can find water-based paint by Crayola on Amazon in big containers. The same goes for paintbrushes!

You can modify the picture any way you want! Use different colors, do the baskets differently (I used their fingerprints as the eggs), or have the rabbits sitting down. It’s really up to you and your child.

The smaller they are, the harder this craft is. It took me a little longer with my son because he’s only 10 months. The good thing is that it can take you several days to complete because you have to wait for the paint to dry before you can do the next step!

Dying Easter Eggs

This is one of my favorite activities to do with kids because it’s fun and is a great way to develop speech and language skills. 

  1. When doing the eggs, you can have your children dump the water into the cups, which works on gross motor skills!
  2. Have your child guess what color the tablets are going to be when they dissolve. This works on critical thinking skills!
  3. Compare and contrast colors. Dark blue versus light blue, red versus pink!
  4. Use transition words, such as first, second, third and finally to work on language. 
  5. Have your child count the eggs when you put them back into the container!

One more Easter Activity!

Learn Colors and Numbers by Separating Jelly Beans

Whether they come in Easter baskets or are found on an Easter egg hunt, jelly beans provide a great opportunity for speech practice.

After your child collects all of her/his jelly beans, just separate them into colors. You can say, “What color is next?” or “What color bean do you have there?” Then you can count them and talk about which color you have the most, and which you have the least. Kids won’t even know you’re practicing!

No matter what Easter activities for kids you do, have fun, and remember that every opportunity can be used to work on speech and language!!

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