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Time Management Tips for a Busy Parent

Parenthood can be tough, especially when you have two or more kids who are still quite dependent on you. Toddlers and kindergarteners can be a handful, and you can easily lose control over your daily routine or start to feel out of balance. The truth is, no parent is a magician who can do it all. But, with a bit of organization and the right family time management tips, you can make it work a bit better.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best time management tips for busy parents. These tips will help you save time and make the most out of every moment. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all the leftover free time!

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Let’s take a look at those time management tips for busy parents.

Establish Routines

Both you and your children need a routine and a sense of order. Routines can help kids who are late talkers or have speech delay issues to improve faster. 

You should try making everyday events, such as getting ready in the morning, more or less the same. You, your partner, and your kids should work as a team:

  • everyone should know their role,
  • everybody should follow the routine,
  • everyone contributes.

To encourage your child’s speech development, talk to them during all these daily routines. Describe what you’re doing, like “I’m grabbing the toothpaste” or “I’m brushing your hair.” 

Repeat those phrases daily using simple sentences. You can even talk “motherese – a musical form of speech that highlights language structure and plays a vital role in language learning and engaging infants’ emotions.

Reading to kids bedtime stories

You should have an after-school routine, a lunch routine, a bedtime routine, etc. It’ll ensure you save time, communicate with your kids better, and help them develop speech. It’s one of the most valuable parenting tips.

Create Lists and Schedules

As much as you’d like to keep it all in your head, sometimes it’s impossible. The play dates, the kindergarten events, and the doctor’s appointments can easily get mixed up.

So, instead of memorizing, keep it all in writing. It’s another essential tip for time management for parents. 

The best way to do it is to:

  • create a family calendar and hang it someplace visible,
  • write down dates, times, events, and deadlines,
  • check it each evening to see what’s lined up for the next day.

This way, you’ll be able to plan, create realistic to-do lists, and not get any last-minute surprises that can mess with your whole day. It’s one of the most practical time management tips everyone should use.

Make Meal Plans

Every parent knows the importance of serving healthy meals to the kids. But, if it’s not pre-planned, meals can take a lot of time and energy from you.

Creating meal-plans is time-saving and practical. It includes:

  • planning all the family meals for a week/month,
  • doing all the groceries shopping at once,
  • spending less time contemplating in the kitchen.

When you know what to prepare and have all the ingredients, you’ll save a ton of precious time. Family mealtimes are also important for a child’s speech development. They allow parents to model correct speech, use verbal routines, or narrate what’s happening at the table – all of this in a natural environment. 

It’s one of those simple parenting tips that can make a huge difference.

Use Your Work Hours Wisely

If you’re a working parent, the last thing you want to do is bring your work home. Taking your work home means less time for playing with the kids or working on their language and communication skills.

Father playing guitar to his child unschooling

This is why you need to use your work hours the best you can:

  • don’t procrastinate,
  • remove all distractions,
  • focus on one task at a time,
  • be proactive.

Use all the resources you can to speed things up during work hours. If you have way too much to do, go to trustmypaper academic writing site to hire writer to help you with a deadline on a research proposal or a presentation. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to finish all your work assignments during work hours. It’ll help save time and enjoy the rest of the day parenting and being there for your kids.

Find Self-Care Time

Every parent needs a break. And, watching TV after the kids are asleep is not what we consider a healthy relaxation method.

The reason why you may be feeling unable to make it all work and lack organization is that you’re stressed out. That’s why you and your partner need to find time for self-care.

Make sure your weekly schedule includes:

  • yoga class,
  • a walk with friends,
  • pottery class,
  • going for a jog.

Take care of yourself, and don’t feel guilty for doing so. You and your partner need this to be stress-free and ready to enjoy your time with the kids. By feeling better, you’ll make your time management skills better. 

Have No-Activity Evenings

Finally, we find this to be one of the secrets to good time management for parents. Everyone in your family needs to spend some time carefree.

No-activity evenings mean:

  • no extracurricular events for kids,
  • nothing on the family to-do list, 
  • time to spend enjoying each other’s company.

Instead, focus on communication since it’ll help them reach their speech development milestones such as using adjectives, naming body parts, or developing understandable speech.  

You can talk about their dreams, teach them new words, help the older ones tell or write a story, or play communication games. Quality time with the kids will boost your mood, improve your focus, and allow you to get back on track tomorrow morning.

Remove Distractions

When you’re a parent, every minute of your time is precious. And, if you’re wasting time on things not worthy, you’re not helping anyone.

Mom play with kids

So, if you’re commuting from work or waiting in line, don’t waste time scrolling through social media. Instead, do some of the work you need to do:

  • organize the next day,
  • write a business email,
  • make that call you didn’t have the time to,
  • take more things off your to-do list.

    Also, make sure you remove distractions from your home. Studies have found an association between infant television or video viewing and delayed language development. So, instead of screen time, focus on interactive play within your family.

Distractions aren’t doing any good for you or your kids, so focus on what truly matters – your time together. 

Final Thoughts

Time management for the family is challenging and demands creating a system that works. But, once you make it work, you’ll see that you managed to save time and remove the stress off your busy days.

Hopefully, the time management tips we’ve listed above will help you create a time-saving routine for you and your family.

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