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The Launch of the Video Series ‘Blub Talks’!

Speech Blubs’ first episode of the ‘Blub Talks podcast with Jaka Z. featured special guest and Speech Blubs’ Chief Technical Officer and co-founder Dal R. The new podcast will include interviews of interesting guests to raise awareness and be vocal about important topics for our parents, speech therapists, and educators. The podcasts will be posted on YouTube, Facebook, and IG TV.

Dal’s Role in Blub Blubs Inc.

The episode kicks off with Jaka asking Dal to describe his role at the company. Dal then tells the inspirational story of Speech Blubs’ four founders. They all struggled with speech issues as children, which finally led them to launch the #1 speech therapy app. Dal said it started as a “hobby project” but rapidly grew into an app that digitized speech therapists’ practice activities.

The app has resulted in over 2 million downloads so far. Dal described how he manages the development of the technical side, witha lots of testing and ensuring the feedback we receive from parents and therapists ends up in the app in a practical, useful way.

Boost Your Child’s Speech Development!

Improve language & communication skills with fun learning!

Dal and Jaka then discussed some of the technical challenges in Speech Blubs’ face filters, and how they came to work and grow into one of the features that kids like the most.

Expanding to New Markets

The conversation then focused on expanding into other markets by adding different language versions, including British English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Jaka asked about the development of our second app called ‘Reading Blubs.’ This app is an educational complement to Speech Blubs, and is the next step down our company’s path. The new app was launched at the end of August and teaches kids how to read.

The podcast ended by focusing on future additions to the apps. Dal said that his greatest wish is to receive a lot more feedback from parents to help tailor future in-app games and activities for our child users. He reiterated that all of the Blubs products are only valuable if they are helpful to kids. He also said he wanted to make the apps even more personalizable, even more fun, and help build the apps’ community of parents.

Speech Blubs helps kids speak!

Speech Blubs is a fun app to help develop kids’ speech, and encourages kids to generate new sounds and words, and activities inspire imitation where kids teach kids. The app has proven especially effective with kids on the Autism Spectrum, and for late talkers.

Our website is an amazing resource providing access to our network of speech therapists, and our blog section offers lots of practical information for dealing with ASD, late talkers, speech therapy at home, and much, much more.

And Reading Blubs, too!

From the makers of Speech Blubs comes Reading Blubs, the new learn-to-read app for kids aged 3 – 5-years-old, and their parents. The app includes stories that ignite and nurture kids’ love of stories and helps them acquire early literacy and writing skills. This teacher-approved app was developed with the help of over 100 literacy experts and includes different proven methods for learning letters, decoding letter sounds and combinations, sight words, words in context, and boosts comprehension with fun, repeatable activities that kids love.

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