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Speech Blubs says “Bonjour!” with its New French Version!

Speech Blubs says “Bonjour!” with its New French Version!

Jun 24, 2020 PRESS RELEASE · May 21, 2020 · Speech Blubs by Blub Blub Inc. announced today that it has added a new French version to its interactive speech-boosting app for kids.

Now available for iOS and Android. Speech Blubs French provides French-speaking, bilingual, and English-speaking kids the exercises and games to improve their French language skills using video modeling as its learning approach and interactive face filters.

With c. 40 countries in the world considered as French-speaking nations, Speech Blubs is making a major push to help those kids and their parents dealing with speech delay, autism, apraxia, and other speech disorders. Kids from countries like Canada, France, and Switzerland can now access the French version of Speech Blubs to help with speech issues, or just to help learn the language. The app is also available in English, Spanish, and (Brazilian) Portuguese versions, too! 

The French update in Speech Blubs provides a tool for bilingual or French-speaking families to overcome the inevitable delay that comes with kids learning two (or more) languages at the same time.

This app encourages improved speech, pronunciation, and sound/word production in a fun, engaging and effective way. Children can build their vocabulary around a vast array of concepts, including colors, shapes, and numbers, songs and rhymes, as well as lessons on body parts, animals, foods, and more.

To access the French version of the app, simply tap on the “Menu” icon in the upper corner, and then tap on “Languages” to access the language settings. Bienvenue, future blubbers!

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About Speech Blubs by Blub Blub

Since its initial launch, Speech Blubs has received more than 8,000 five-star reviews from satisfied subscribers, particularly parents of children with speech delay, autism, apraxia, and Down syndrome. Currently, Speech Blubs is the #1 speech app in the U.S.

Speech Blubs was founded by a team of individuals who grew up with speech problems themselves. It is a first-of-its-kind smart speech therapy tool that is not only effective, but also fun. Co-designed with the help of more than 3,000 therapists, teachers, parents, and kids, the app leverages video model learning technology informed by the science of ‘mirror neurons.’ To date, more than 1,000,000 parents have downloaded Speech Blubs.

Reach out when you have questions on how to use Speech Blubs to improve speech at home!

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