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Best resources for speech therapy at home! We cover parenting tips & speech and language development to bring you all you need to know to keep your child thriving.

Safe Family Travel Ideas during a Pandemic

The pandemic has been brutal for most families, and finding safe ways to travel during a pandemic is on most parents’ minds.  If you want…

Selective Mutism vs. Shyness

Your three-year-old is your pride and joy. Their smile just brightens your day and they are everything you could have ever wanted. They love to…

Why Toys are Important for Child Development

Sometimes they are bright, loud, and even annoying, but children love playing with toys! But the question is: Are toys beneficial to a child’s development?…

Fun Games to Teach Body Parts for Your Toddler

Toddlers are balls of energy. And curious about the world around them and discovering their body parts, too. Teaching your toddler different body parts is…

How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Language Skills

Waking up, getting dressed, and eating a meal are routines we do everyday. But did you know sneaking in some speech practice within these daily…

Grocery Store Learning Activities for Kids

Shopping with kids can be overwhelming! But it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, buying groceries can be fun for both you and your…

Current Challenges for Speech Therapists in Telepractice

As a teacher, I’ve seen the magic that speech therapists do. They garner and utilize the forces of science, child development, parental concern, and the…

The Complete Guide to Language Learning at Home

Language is a communication skill that develops naturally over time. But that doesn’t mean your child couldn’t use some extra help to begin saying their…

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How to Do Speech Therapy at Home

Whether your child is waiting to get services or attending regular speech therapy appointments, speech therapy at home is an essential part of a child’s…

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When Should I Worry about My Child’s Speech?

Children’s speech should be about 75% intelligible by the time they are three-years-old.  This means that you, and more importantly unfamiliar listeners, should understand almost…


My son was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss in both ears last year, and after his surgery, Speech Blubs is the best app to get him on track with kids his age.

- By Nola and Kory

Mommy Mingle & Speech Blubs’ ‘Toddler Talk’ Class for Parents

Speech Blubs and Mommy Mingle joined forces to give a helpful training class focusing on several speech and language topics including healthy screen time, the…

SLP WEBINAR: El Paso SLPs Meet Rachel Madel, M.A., CCC-SLP

The effects of the current pandemic have been both challenging and long-reaching. The same applies to the current situation with kids with speech and language…

What are Common 2-Year-Old Milestones?

Wondering what’s in store for your child’s development at the age of two? To help keep track of how well your child is developing, make…

Is Your Toddler’s Attention Span Typical?

Every parent or teacher knows firsthand that children’s attention spans differ. When planning activities or asking kids to do something, every parent and teacher wonders…

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Bedtime Tantrums - How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep

At around 3-years-old, my oldest child would fight me night after night and have the biggest toddler bedtime tantrums. The screaming and lack of sleep…

Lego Learning Activities for Your Toddler

Legos are quite entertaining and they sure keep your little ones occupied, regardless of their sizes, shapes, or forms. In addition to bringing a world…

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